In the accident with the overturned Trakia bus, we saw that there is only one road and together we can handle it.

The disaster brought together different people by place of residence, by age, even by views.

I am impressed by the lightning reaction of everyone who did not miss the incident.

The representatives of the institutions showed a rarely demonstrated synchronicity.

This was stated by Prime Minister Galab Donev

Galab Donev was born in 1967 in Sofia.

Graduated from the 35th Russian Language High School in Sofia.

before the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

I express my gratitude to everyone who on Sunday evening helped with the overturned AM "Trakia" bus.

When the car turns, roads a lot.

The disaster brought together on the highway people of different professions, places of residence, views, but they helped in trouble.

I am impressed by the lightning-fast and adequate response that passed the 217th km on Sunday night.

on AM Trakia.

Citizens and state institutions reacted in rare synchronicity.

It was a happy coincidence that there were also doctors among the travelers.

They have shown humanity and solidarity.

I am grateful to everyone who helped the young doctor - Anton Ilkin, Teodor Bochev, who help to remove the children from the bus, and to all the other eyewitnesses who act with the children's lives and health in mind.

I am grateful to the teams of Ambulance, Traffic Police, 

He expressed hope that the children housed in "Pirogov" will recover quickly.

Last week, I shared my belief that road warfare is an insanity that we can tackle together.

From the Ministry of the Interior, I expect serious control for compliance with traffic rules.

If we value life - both our own and that of the one in the opposite lane, we will follow the law within us, the prime minister also said. 

He noted that the first item of today's meeting of the Council of Ministers is the overcoming of the disaster situation in the municipality of Svoge is the first item on the agenda.

Dove Donev