In front of the citizens of Vlonia, Ilir Meta once again mentioned the fight against corruption as the main weapon he will use against the government of Edi Rama while warning of a September as hot as the summer we are leaving behind.

"We will have big shocks, with unpredictable changes", he declared.

He established the law on referendums as the main condition for all political forces that want to cooperate with the Freedom Party, while he asked the structures of Vlora to get ready for electoral battles.

"We cannot postpone the local elections, like when Luli was not registered either, but we can also have the general elections ahead of us", added Meta.

Meta once again asked the Albanians to take their destiny into their own hands.

Speaking about the issue of the sea with Greece, the former president accused Rama of not being interested in an agreement between the countries but in negotiations with the oil companies, according to him worth 300 billion dollars.

/A2 CNN/