In response to the journalist's question, deputy

the Prime Minister for European Integration, Bojan Maricic, said today that the state institutions in Macedonia and Bulgaria will need two years of coordination to implement the recommendations of the Mixed Commission for Bulgarian-Macedonian History.

On Monday, the Joint Historical Commission through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a joint statement honoring medieval figures Tsar Samuel, Saints Cyril and Methodius, Saints Clement and Naum, as well as corrections from the medieval period in Macedonian Bulgarian primary school textbooks.

"There are many procedures that will have to be done, but for us it is important that they translate into society without losing our interest," Maricic said.


the prime minister added that he expects Sofia to implement the agreement in the next period.

"It is valid if the seven leading historians that we have gathered together have agreed with that text, so if it backs up, that should be appreciated and respected.

We trust the people who work there.

Whatever we do, we expect Sofia to do it as well", says Maricic.

He added that for specific periods the members of the commission may request consultations with other external experts who are not members of the commission./Telegrafi/