Janmashtami 2022: These child pastimes of Shri Krishna are astonishing.

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  • Wonderful are the children's pastimes of Shri Krishna.

  • The children's pastimes of Shri Krishna are astonishing.

  • Shri Krishna was born in the prison of Kansa.

Janmashtami 2022 Krishna Bal Leela:

Preparations have started in homes and temples for Shri Krishna Janmashtami.

This year Janmashtami (Janmashtami 2022 Date) will be celebrated on 18-19 August.

It is said that the Leela of Shri Krishna is wonderful and unique.

Lord Shri Krishna is considered to be an incarnation of Shri Hari Vishnu.

According to religious beliefs, Shri Krishna is the perfect of 16 arts.

The naughty pastimes of Shri Krishna's childhood fascinates everyone.

Let us know about the childhood pastimes of Lord Shri Krishna, which surprised everyone. 

the process of imprisonment

Shri Krishna was born from the womb of Mother Devaki in the prison of Kansa.

According to mythological beliefs, Kansa had already killed the 7 sons of Vasudeva and Devaki.

It is said that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Shri Krishna only to kill Kansa.

As soon as Shri Krishna was born, all the doors of Kansa's prison were automatically opened.

Simultaneously, all the guards went into deep sleep.

It is said that this was Kanha's Leela.

After which his father left Kanha ji in Nandgaon overnight.

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Putna's Slaughter

When Kansa came to know about the existence of Shri Krishna, he sent a demon named Putana to kill Kanha ji.

Putna will disguise herself and make Kanha ji milk her breast poison.

But Kanha ji recognized the true form of Putna.

After which Kanha killed Putna.

People were astonished by this Leela of Gopal.

Leela related to Kaliya Nag

The mention of Kaliya Nag is found in the stories of Shri Krishna's Bal Leela.

It is said that Kansa made various efforts to kill Shri Krishna.

Kaliya Nag made his camp in the water of Yamuna.

It is said that the water of Yamuna turned black due to the poison of Kaliya Nag.

Due to which the animals and birds started dying.

Once while playing on the bank of the river, the ball went into the Yamuna through Kanha.

To get it out, Kanha jumped into the river.

After which there was a war between Kanha and Kaliya Nag.

Eventually Kaliya Nag bowed before Kanha.

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