The latest report mentions 99 Chinese people being sent to a mental hospital forcibly between 2015 and 2021 (symbolic photo)



is using its mental hospitals as a prison to suppress the voices of protest.

A rights group says that without due process in China, activists are being put in mental hospitals.

Here doctors and health workers together with the officials punish the anti-government people.  


officials have been using the country's psychiatric hospitals to punish political prisoners for decades.

Such hospitals are called Ankang.  

A report released on Tuesday by a Spanish NGO said the process was continuing despite the reforms that took place in the early 2010s.

After the reforms, court surveillance was increased over medical consent and China's mental support system.  

Much of the data in this report comes from interviews with victims and their families, and data published online by a Chinese civil rights NGO.

This Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch (CRLW) was founded by an activist and citizen journalist Liu Feiyue.  

This data has taken the cases of 99 Chinese people who were sent to a mental hospital for political reasons between 2015 and 2021 and had to face torture there.  

The group says, "Even in the year 2020, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to send political targets to mental hospitals. Legal changes were made a decade ago to stop this barbaric process. Happening.   

It also said, "The Communist Party of China (CCP) is able to completely remove the petitioners and activists from the judicial system. There is no hope of finding a lawyer or going to trial when they are "mentally ill". They are declared. After this, after their release from the hospital, the society also cuts them off."