Found, paid (not) finished. Expose the covid insurance scam. 11 caught. 4,000 more. It's cold and hot.

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17 Aug. 2022 2:46 p.m.





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“Do this…everyone can do it.”

It is considered one of the habits of Thai people (some) who have already seen a way to earn money.

and commit fraud

which was recently reported

Office of the Supervisory Board

Insurance business (OIC) is investigating people who may be in the scope.

Fraudulent covid insurance

Especially during the

"See, Pay, End"

promotion , which is considered a forgery of documents. There are also reports of life insurance fraud.

In this regard, the Special Thai Rath Online News Team

have inquired behind the scenes with

Pol Col Weerapong Klaithong, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police,

revealed that the reason for this arrest

As a result of the insurance company has provided information to the way.

Office of the Supervisory Board

Insurance business (OIC), which fraud

The aforementioned events are divided into 2 parts: the representative of the company.

to defraud the company

with the case of fraud insurance against covid

Col. Weerapong said that in the case of life insurance fraud agents 

, two originating companies have sent written claims.

With people who buy life insurance, it appears that the customer has clarified back that

The payment has already been made to the company through

the “representative”

. As a result, the originating company is investigating with the agent.

And plead guilty to


5 offenders, 3 have been issued arrest warrants and 2 have been arrested, while 2 others are taking legal steps.

They were charged with fraud by defrauding others by soliciting, pointing out channels to do or maintain life insurance status.

But there was no contract operation, which in this case had a high damage of 52 million baht.

This is a life insurance fraud ... which is considered a very high value by the Superintendent.

Some people pay high premiums.

Some cases pay more than 2 million baht for a single policy.

In addition to life insurance

Col. Weerapong also said that in this case, the police have been charged with claiming benefits under the policy with fraud or showing other false evidence.

with a total damage of more than 1 million baht, the reason why the limit is not very high

because each payment

50,000-100,000 baht

“In this case, a fake medical certificate was used to withdraw the policy money.

Which is a type of casualty according to the promotion "See, Pay, End", in which 18 cases have already been prosecuted, 11 have been arrested, and from the investigation it was found that

Many of the people who brought fake medical certificates never traveled to the hospital they pretended to be.

which the hospital was used

It is a private hospital.”

Col. Weerapong pointed out that these medical certificates are easy to find.

On the Internet, or some of them are taken from old medical certificates that were used and then edited the name and surname.

denied that it was involved.

But the police must continue to investigate the facts.

whether there are any other people involved or not

But initially, the evidence has not yet arrived in the hospital.

But it must be tested in all dimensions.

“Confessions of a corrupt person claiming to have never been to the hospital.

Someone arranged for it… it was expected that there would be a process.”

When asked if there were reports that "maybe" there were 4,000 people involved in the COVID-19 insurance fraud, the Commissioner.

Which asks if it will be wrong to 4,000 people or not, believes that it may not be that much

There must be a further investigation.

Thairath Online Special News Team 

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