You might be surprised to learn that some zodiac signs are content to just let things go without seeking retribution from the people who have wronged them.

Then there are those who will retaliate in any way, no matter how small, as part of their healing and closure procedure that allows them to move on.

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writes that even if the incident has now passed and is no longer important, these individuals continue to seem obsessed with revenge and spend all their time and effort devising strategies to take revenge on others.

Here are the four zodiac signs that want revenge:


Taurus among all is the least merciful and holds the longest grudge.

They do not like to make mistakes and are very stubborn.

They will forgive you many times until the point where you push them too far, at which point they will destroy your joy.

They will make sure that you understand how you have misbehaved and that they are strong enough to force you to accept it by making you understand.

The crab

Cancer is not able to forget things easily.

They hold their hatred inside until it builds up and becomes extremely large and explodes as soon as it reaches its peak because they are angry with some people.

They may hide or let some of their memories fade, but they will never truly forget a painful memory.

And if someone starts to hurt them they will do everything in their power to take any form of revenge necessary to completely erase the bad memories.


They are generally forgiving people who do not hold grudges.

However, they will immediately kick you out of their lives seeking revenge if you really hurt them.

Based on how you treat them, they can be either extremely loyal or extremely unfaithful.


Scorpios are adept at holding grudges and are slow to ignore or 'erase' history.

They don't like being cheated on, so if it happens to them they can hold that person responsible for the rest of their lives.

They will make sure to destroy an element of your life if you ever betray them, making you regret everything you've ever done wrong.

Although their horoscope advises against it, the aforementioned zodiac signs are not satisfied until they get their revenge.