The Kosovo Police have announced that they have arrested a person in Ferizaj after threatening 21-year-old BM for the third time.

In the announcement, it is announced that the Police arrested the suspect and escorted him to the police station in Ferizaj and after the interview by the investigating police, by decision of the Prosecutor of the case, he was sent to detention for 48 hours, for further investigative procedures.

: Last night, around 11:30 p.m., the Regional Police of Ferizaj received information that there was a case of intimidation on "Rexhep Bislimi" street in Ferizaj.

In relation to this, the police immediately took the necessary actions, went to the scene and the Investigation Unit was involved in the case, which under the authorization of the guardian prosecutor from the Basic Prosecutor's Office of Ferizaj started the investigations.

The person with the initials NG (M/K) aged 33, threatened for the third time the person with the initials BM (F/K) aged 21", the announcement states.