A 20-year-old driver got stuck in a gas station with her Golf.

The accident happened yesterday around 10:13 a.m. on the Trakia highway, km.

344 in Burgas.

The passenger car "Volkswagen Golf", with Pazardzhik registration, driven by a 20-year-old woman from the village of Sinitovo, Pazardzhik, when entering the parking lot of the "Avtotrade" gas station at a speed inconsistent with the specific conditions, went off the roadway, crashed into concrete blocks and continued moving forward, hit an artificially constructed island and stopped there, reports "Flagman".

A car got stuck in a flower pot on the capital's Vitosha Blvd.

The accident caused material damage to the car, as well as to seven concrete blocks - curbs, a bush and three pine trees planted in the area of ​​the gas station.

The driver was tested for the use of alcohol, and the dragger gave a negative report.

Her 18-year-old companion was injured in the impact, and with head and stomach injuries, she was taken to UMBAL - Burgas, examined and released, as she refused hospital treatment.

AM "Thrakia"