5 things to know before watching Marvel's newest female hero, She-Hulk

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17 Aug 2022 2:20 p.m.





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She-Hulk, Marvel's newest female hero

What is the starting point?

Let's get to know She-Hulk, the new green heroine together.

1. What does She-Hulk have to do with Hulk?

She-Hulk's starting point was 'Jennifer Walters', a talented young lawyer.

Is the cousin of 'Bruce Banner' or Hulk, the green, energetic hero from the Avengers team. Interestingly, Jennifer's life is no different from a typical salaryman office girl, working day and night.

But fate will one day gain power from Hulk to turn her into a green man.

with a body that is almost 2 meters tall, plus a great power

2. She-Hulk comes with the life of a single woman.

Dating App Specialist

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In addition to all the sacred things

The thing that captures the minds of working single women is the dating app.

Jennifer too.

She is a very close single woman who uses dating apps as her hobby.

Always looking for a date that matches the specs.

She used to try dating both heroes together.

man with special powers

or even ordinary people

But this heroine seems to have no luck in love.

Because no matter who you are with, there is a reason for breaking up.

So will Jennifer's love life in the original series be as unfortunate as in the comics?

or she will find the right person

must continue to be encouraged

3. A young hero who faces problems with work "without" balance.

Work Life Balance Everyone wants to have, but what most office workers have instead is Work without Balance. Work life is severe.

Personal life was a mess.

unable to allocate time

Makes balance difficult.

Jennifer herself had this problem too.

Plus it may be heavier than the average person.

Because pushing another hero's life, suddenly there is a heavy burden added like this.

Playing at the wrong time at all.

It turns out that Jennifer has to carry with her work life, hero life, personal life, as well as being famous as the new young hero that society is watching.

causing her to lose center enough

She had to find a way to balance each aspect of her life.

and must learn to become stronger both physically and mentally

This was an important challenge that Jennifer had to accomplish.

Because this obstacle is considered as great as the fight against villains.

4. Take on the role of a tough girl who fights for work.

but the fight back

Jennifer is a very good lawyer.

which seemed to be her superior.

Therefore, the award was given to a large set.

It's a new unboxing project that looks extremely rocky.

Jennifer is assigned to lead the Superhuman Law Division, a division created specifically to oversee the law on superheroes and humans with special powers.

Work was fought back relentlessly.

From the beginning, having to face difficult cases already

Now Jennifer has to oversee the hero law that is new and challenging, with different limitations than the common law.

Not to mention working with tough clients like Emil Blonski or The Abomination, Hulk's former rival monster.

5. There are brothers and sisters like a Hou family.

Both Ha and Hulk go together.

The relationship between Jennifer and Bruce Banner is something that any sibling would understand.

Ask if you love or not

But if you have a chance to stop your head, you definitely won't miss it.

Bruce and Jennifer were very close as children.

Jennifer often referred to Bruce as 'Doc', a slang term for someone who is very smart or very smart.

It's a nickname that only two people know.

until when they both grew up

have dispersed to grow in their own way

They didn't see each other again until Jennifer had a near-death accident.

even though we haven't seen each other for a long time

But when they meet again

Jennifer and Bruce were instantly tuned.

The two returned to being close like they were when they were young.

And even if they like to pinch each other's backs often

But it can be seen that they are brothers who truly love each other.

Bruce would do anything to save Jennifer's life.

It also helped teach Hulk 101 as a senior Hulk.

Jennifer has learned the principles of power.


And the control of emotions as well as the body from Bruce himself.

Even if it has to be unexpectedly transformed into a hero.

But in Jennifer's heart, she never thought of becoming a hero at all.

She just wanted to live a normal life.

I'm a normal lawyer, I don't want to be a celebrity.

She thinks being a hero is perfect for

"Light-hungry or narcissistic," but when you have to become a hero yourself like this.

In the future, she may discover new perspectives.

of being a hero that makes her happy

The life of this office lady hero has only just begun.

There is still a pile of missions waiting for you to clear.

How will Jennifer finally overcome these obstacles?

Will she accept herself as a 'hero'? Catch up with Marvel Studios' original series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which premieres Aug. 18 on Disney+ Hotstar in Thai dub. and Thai subtitles