The Kosovo police have arrested a person in Peja, a street vendor, after seizing knives, rods, metal boxes, sprays and electric shocks.

In the Police announcement, it is stated that the suspect was arrested for the criminal offense of "unauthorized possession, control of weapons", while the suspect was released following the decision of the state prosecutor after the interview.

Read the full Police announcement:

Since recently there have been several incidents where minors have used cold weapons, spray and electroshock, and in most cases the suspects have stated that they bought the used weapons in the market.

On 16.08.2022, from the Regional Investigation Sector DRP Pejë, in consultation with the state prosecutor, took tactical-operational actions, a control-raid was carried out in the "long street" and from the stall (table) of the street vendor now suspects were seized:

  • One hundred and five (105) sharp tools (knives) of different types.

  • Three metal rods

  • Nineteen metal boxes

  • Four OC Spray and

  • An electric shock

After the interview, the suspect was released in the regular procedure by the decision of the state prosecutor.

The Kosovo Police will continue to seize the means prohibited by law, which endanger the general security.