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An unprecedented drought has gripped the Old Continent.

Most climatologists are of the opinion that droughts will become more frequent and last longer.

This was stated by Simeon Matev from the "Climatology" department at SU on the air of BNT.

We have to prepare for sushi and, unfortunately, it's going to get heavier, he said.

In some places in Europe, the drought is unprecedented - there are bans on household needs, water restrictions, and this is unacceptable for a modern European, said Matev.

The leading factor for the drought is the lack of precipitation, high temperatures.

These high temperatures for Europe are historic.

In July, Britain recorded a historic temperature of over 40 degrees.

Another factor is low atmospheric humidity and long periods without precipitation.

Climatologist: Droughts will become more severe and more frequent



decision of the Supreme Administrative Court on the Brickell TPP is awaited.

I was present at the inspection of the then Minister Sandov.

The main problem was the release of fugitive emissions.

Put simply - smoke everywhere


This was commented in "This Morning"

by the acting Minister of Environment and Water Rositsa Karamfilova.


The control must be strengthened


At the moment, the Brickell TPP is not operating.

I guess they are planning a renovation,” she added.

Ecominister: "Brickel" thermal power plant is smoking


"Several explosions went off today in Russian-occupied Ukrainian villages," Kyiv media UNIAN reported.

Explosions rocked

the village of Azovskoe

, which is located

on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed in 2014


According to a representative of the local Tatar municipality, a warehouse with ammunition of the Russian armed forces caught fire as a result of shelling.

"The explosions rumbled for about an hour," said Rifat Chubarov.

The Moscow-appointed head of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, confirmed the information about the incident.

According to him, at least two people were injured as a result of the explosions.

"There is no danger to the lives of the injured," he said.

There were also explosions in another city of Melitopol (in South-Eastern Ukraine) occupied

by Russian forces.

The explosions damaged a radio and television transmitter


"Now the occupiers will not be able to brainwash the people,"

said the mayor of the conquered city, Ivan Fedorov.

Explosions rock Russian-occupied settlements in Ukraine


A wing of "Al-Qaeda" killed fighters of the private Russian army "Wagner" in Mali


"Democratic Bulgaria" registers itself with the CEC.

"Our desire to come together with 'Continuing the Change' is clear.

We are waiting for an answer.

We want a coalition that will represent the protesting people from 2020. Until August 27, it is possible for the entities registered for the elections to edit their applications, so that we can appear together with the PP", commented Nadezhda Yordanova from DB.

"Democratic Bulgaria" registers itself with the CEC, they are waiting for the PP until August 27


Minchev also said that today they will receive the results of the in-depth sociology to see what results they would get if they appeared together in the elections with "Democratic Bulgaria".

Only then will they announce whether they will appear together.

"We continue the change" registered for the elections and announced: We are chasing first place


Average 4% drop in the price of fuel in our country, only methane is growing


A young doctor from Stara Zagora was among the first people who helped the victims of the bus accident on the Trakia highway. 

Dr. Anton Elkin happens to be there by chance, but his reaction is instantaneous. 

"Coming home from the Black Sea from Stara Zagora, the traffic suddenly stopped and we immediately reduced our speed.

At that moment we saw the overturned bus in the ditch.

There were many stopped cars and eyewitnesses who actively got involved to help and pull out the victims," ​​Elkin told bTV.

Doctors who came across the Trakia disaster by chance performed a kind of triage


I saw a heavy sight.

With screaming and roaring children.

The sight of children covered in blood from head to toe is quite shocking to most people, but most of them were in stable condition with one or two lacerations.

It had to be determined who were in serious condition and shock.

I have lost count of how many children I have helped.

My colleague and I tried to help as many children as possible.

The rescue doctor from AM "Trakia": There was no time to think, I directly got involved to help


A few minutes had passed since the accident.

There were over 50-100 cars stopped in the emergency lane - people helping the injured, says the doctor.

"For people who are not used to blood and such sights, the situation was terrible looking - children covered in blood, screaming, in shock of horror.

A large number of them had minor traumas and injuries, but lacerations to the head, resulting in profuse bleeding.

The terror in the eyes of these children led to terror in the people who passed by and many of them stopped and got involved."

The doctor-rescuer of the children from AM Trakia: The sight was terrible, but over 100 cars stopped to help