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Vascular surgeon Dr. Anton Elkin from the Staro Zagorsk private hospital was the first to help the victims of the bus accident on the Trakia highway on Sunday, BNT reported.

In reality, I am not a direct eyewitness of the accident, he said in "The Day Begins" - Traveling to Stara Zagora on the way back from a two-day holiday on the Black Sea coast, I saw the bus that was in the ditch.

A few minutes have passed since the accident.

There were over 50-100 cars stopped in the emergency lane - people helping the injured, says the doctor.

There was another doctor there before him, but he did not know his name or where he was from. His colleague started with the volunteers to take the people off the bus and do initial examinations.

The investigation into the serious accident on the AM "Trakia" continues

"By the time the firefighters arrived we were able to get everyone off the bus, start the initial checks and gradually weed out the mildest cases to the most severe and critical patients," said Dr. Elkin.

The doctor makes an accurate diagnosis for the most critical and directs them to be transported to a hospital first.

"For people who are not used to blood and such sights, the situation was terrible looking - children covered in blood, screaming, were in shock of horror. A large number of them had minor injuries and bruises, but with lacerations of contusions on the head, leading to profuse bleeding. The terror in the eyes of these children caused terror in the people passing by, and many of them stopped and turned on," says the doctor.

He stated that he was grateful to everyone who helped, and they were not few.

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