Sacrificing 29 covids. Today, Aug. 16, the number of new infected people has dropped.

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16 Aug 2022 07:56 a.m.





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Update the situation of "Covid-19" today. There are 1,508 new patients in the hospital, resulting in 2,400,161 collectible patients, 2,023 recovered, 29 deaths.

Reporters reported that

The Ministry of Public Health has released a preliminary daily report on the situation of "COVID-19". As of August 16, 2022, there are 1,508 new cases (treated in hospitals), categorized as 1,508 cases in the country, and 1,508 new cases. from abroad - 2,400,161 cumulative cases

for the number of pneumonia patients

965 people have been hospitalized, while 2,023 people have returned home, resulting in a cumulative number of recoveries (since January 1, 2022) of 2,403,503, 19,712 are being treated, and 29 have died, with a cumulative death of 10,189. Funeral (since January 1, 2022)

However, since June 1, 65 onwards, the reporting system has been adjusted.

by reporting only patients requiring hospital treatment.

As a result, the number of cumulative cases reported is lower than the cumulative total.