Open the risk area. Bangkok receives heavy rain today. People's feedback "drain faster"

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16 Aug. 2022 17:11





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Are you ready...rain is coming again!

After yesterday (15 Aug) with heavy rain almost all over the country.

including the capital


that has been hit by rain more than 100 millimeters to many areas, although the


to withstand flooding is only 60 millimeters

Today, it's raining again. By the Meteorological Department

Has forecast rain in Bangkok during 17.00 today until tomorrow.

It was found that from satellite radar at 15.00, rain groups were found in Nakhon Nayok, Chachoengsao, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi and Bangkok.

in Taling Chan, Phasi Charoen, Chom Thong, Khlong Toei, Wattana, Suan Luang, Saphan Sung, Lat Krabang, Min Buri and Nong Chok districts

Expected in the next 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Rain clusters in Nakhon Nayok, Chachoengsao and Bangkok, in Don Mueang, Lak Si, Bang Sue, Chatuchak, Sai Mai, Bang Khet, Lat Phrao, Khan Na Yao, Bueng Kum, Khlong Sam Wa, Nong Chok, Bangkok Yai, Thonburi, Bang Kho Laem, Sathorn

Which today will be as hard as yesterday or not, we'll have to wait and see, but for what happened yesterday, the BMA is trying to solve the problem.

by Thairath Online Special News Team

Had the opportunity to talk to

Dr. Wisanu Supsompol, Deputy Governor of Bangkok

who is in charge of flood management. 

Dr. Wisanu revealed that yesterday it rained really hard.

Especially in the eastern part of Bangkok, the highest in Prawet district is 144 mm. Phra Khanong 116.5 mm. Klong Toei and Suan Luang district is more than 100 mm. As a result, drainage needs to take time to drain.

The most flooded spot yesterday was at Sri Udom Intersection, Prawet District, with a maximum flood of almost 20 cm. Today, the Drainage Bureau has been sent to look at it.

which in the past had a private pond

which is temporarily made into a monkey cheek

But today we do not use

therefore went into further negotiations

The weak point is the point where there is frequent flooding.

And prepared for the staff to go down to help is around Rama 4 Road, Sukhumvit Road, especially Soi 39, 71 (Soi Pridi Banomyong). There are also Soi Phatthanakan 54 and 58 in the area.

bring the machine to pump

“Even though Prawet has a lot of rain

But we have prepared for the depletion of water before that.

therefore hurriedly drained until completely

especially the main road

But there are still some areas, such as inside the alleys or in the villages, are still flooded.”

The big problem found yesterday was that at Khlong Toei, Rama 4 area, there would be slow drainage because the pumping station at Khlong Toei is under construction.

and is expected to be completed in January.

and last night

water level in the Chao Phraya River

is also higher

Therefore, the floodgates must be closed.

and use the method of pumping out only

which we use 3 big pumps, about 9 cubic meters/second, so what we can do today

is to add more water to the pump

Dr. Wisanu reiterated that in the past, we have been preparing by working with water for the whole month.

especially the main canals such as Saen Saep, Prawet, where we intend to keep the water as little as possible.

But... Bang Klong

It is considered a boat traffic route.

If the water is too low that the boat can't run, there may be further problems.

As for the second policy that we do is to "peel" the capillaries that help drain water.

Which such pipe stripping is considered to be of great help and at present, more than 70% of the work has been done, or about 2500 kilometers.

However, it has been ordered that

If any area has been stripped of pipes

But it appears that there is an implicit flood.

Had to go down to check again to see if there might be construction debris clogging up or not...

“In the past, we have observed that

Some areas have already peeled off the pipes at the same time. When it rains, some places have dried up.

but some spots are still not dry

The reason is because there is construction nearby.”

The deputy governor of Bangkok admitted that the factors in solving each problem were different, for example, in the Thonburi area.

There are many canal systems.

but the inner city side

There is not enough canal system to support it.

Therefore, a tunnel system was built to support it.

while the main weak point is Bangkok on the east coast, which initially intended to use the Nong Bon Bueng Tunnel.

but was damaged

And it takes up to 2 years to repair. Because of this, the plan is "wrong" because it requires drainage through the Prawet Canal.

to Khlong Phra Khanong


make it drain slowly

when this is

It is necessary to plan to cope.

because until the drainage tunnel is completed

It must be prepared to cope, such as adding a pumping station.


to take advantage of the small canal

various little canals

as much as possible first

The garbage problem is still there.

Asking for people's cooperation

Dr. Wisanu said that for the waste problem

It's still a problem encountered.

which is believed to be garbage that people pile up in front of the house

But when the flood

These wastes then flow down to clog the pipes.

Garbage clogs the water pump.

It took many hours to repair.

“What I would like to ask people during this period is that they would like people to bring garbage to the collection point closer to the time, for example to know when the garbage truck arrives.

was asked to be placed in a near time

because during this heavy rain

Or know it's going to rain

Let's keep it at home first."

“The feeling at this time was not overwhelming.

But I would like to thank the district officials

and the Bureau of Drainage. Today, all staff are working hard.

If you know where the problem is, you need to find a solution..

People are starting to understand us better.

better than last time

that encountered heavy rain in the same way

because we went to the area

Facilitate the people who encounter water stagnant, which all officers

Both the district level and the central level work together to help each other.

causing people to give feedback that "drain faster"

Special news team, Thairath Online reports.

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