The Macedonian opposition party OBRM-PDUKM through a reaction says that immediately after the deputies return from the summer holidays, the constitutional changes should be the order of the day in the Assembly of Macedonia, because according to them, only in this way will the government understand that it does not have the votes of enough and the country will go to early parliamentary elections.

"Daily betrayals by the criminal authorities of SDSM and DUI must stop.

If Kovacevski and SDSM are sure that they have 80 deputies, immediately after the return of the deputies to the Assembly, they should put the constitutional amendments on the agenda of the first parliamentary session.

If the constitutional amendments for the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution are not passed in that session, the next day the Assembly must be dissolved and early parliamentary elections must be held.

If the authorities are sure that what they are doing is right, here is a choice for them, either serve Bulgaria and change the Constitution or early elections.

This is an honest and fair offer", say OBRM-PDUKM.

Hristijan Mickoski's party also stated that it expects the support of the coalition partners for the referendum proposed by them.

Until now, it is not yet known what the question of the referendum will be, since OBRM-PDUKM said that the experts and those familiar with the matter will decide on such a thing.