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"Ukrainian special forces fighters are behind this morning's blasts in the village of Azovskoye (on the Crimean peninsula occupied by Russia in 2014)," wrote the New York Times.

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The US publication cited a high-ranking official from Kyiv, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"The attacks carried out since the beginning of August show that the armed forces of Kyiv began to take active sabotage actions against the soldiers and officers under the command of Moscow. The armed forces of Ukraine from the beginning of the war (February 24) took action in the rear of the enemy, to prevent the more numerous and better-equipped Russian army from launching large-scale attacks," the media outlet added, citing its source.

The explosion occurred at an ammunition depot used by the Russian military.

Explosions rock Russian-occupied settlements in Ukraine

Moscow said the blast was the result of sabotage.

At this stage, Kyiv has not said that its forces have carried out operations in Crimea.

Russian invasion of Ukraine