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Concert for people displaced by natural disasters

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16 Aug 2022 07:25 a.m.





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Youth power to drive and change

transform the world for the better

When two best friends, Proud Thanavisut and Tin Tatiyamaneekul, have the same opinion.

on the crisis of the problem of those forced to displace by climate change

Caused by human-made carbon emissions

until it appears

greenhouse effect and global warming

and to create a trend for everyone to realize their memory

It is urgent to help keep the world in balance, starting with reducing car emissions.

Bon as much as possible

Therefore, we will raise awareness of this crisis through the charity concert "Home Hope Charity Concert" to make society aware of the strength of refugees.

with a special concept to reduce carbon emissions to zero concrete

This is the first time in Thailand supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) held at S Park Rangsit recently.

The power of the new generation!!

Tin Tatiyamaneekul, Proud Thanavisut.

Sininart Engtrakul and Peeraphon Tatiyamaneekul gave encouragement to their son Tin Tatiyamaneekul.

Proud Thanavisut said that when I was a teenager, I thought that we just received a new plastic bag every time we bought something.

Wouldn't hurt the environment and our planet much.

But when studying global warming and the natural resource crises in depth

And when I attended the activities with UNHCR, I realized that from the neglect that we thought was just a small thing.

But it had a huge impact on other groups of people.

Especially with some groups of refugees who are faced with multiple crises, namely, the need for asylum.

or displaced by natural disasters

The more it is what prompts us to get up and do whatever we can.

Therefore, this concert was born.

So that we can represent one of the young generation who sparked the environmental conservation trend that started with ourselves.

And aware of the problem of refugees with the Net Zero Carbon Footprint Concert that has never been done before.

which is very exciting to receive feedback from everyone.

Patpong-Priyaman Thanavisut joins to cheer for her daughter Proud Thanavisut.

“Somjai Nuek-Nuchanat Engtrakul” came to support her nephew Rak Tin Tatiyamaneekul.

On the side of Tin Tatiyamaneekul said that from participating in activities with UNHCR, I learned that global warming will also result in the year 2021 as many as 23 million people will be forced to displace their own countries due to the climate. severe conditions such as floods, storms and droughts

which is very sympathetic

We have the same idea that we need to do something for a small force.

That makes youth and Thai society see the urgency to help alleviate this problem.

Just start with what we can do easily, like reducing the use of plastic.

Turn to items that can be reused many times.

or is a natural item that can be biodegradable

Use walking instead of using a car for short distances.

Most importantly, I want you to help spread this idea to your family and close people.

for a small power

will unite as a trend and a role model for others in the society to follow.

Pete Thongchua and his family cheered for a charity concert.