The spokesperson of the Government of Kosovo, Përparim Kryeziu, regarding the meeting between the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti and the President of Serbia, Aleksandër Vučić, which is expected to be held on August 18, said that in this meeting two main points are expected to be discussed, which are the elements of a general framework of the agreement with Serbia, with mutual recognition at the center and the current developments in the country.

He said in the show "Five" that the decision on license plates and the entry-exit document are in accordance with the law of Kosovo, which Serbia itself has agreed on in the past.

As for the postponement of the decision on reciprocity towards Serbia on July 31, he said "We have made a postponement of several days from the initial deadline, because we have agreed with our partner states that there was a wild disinformation campaign in the north".

In the question of how September 1st will be and whether there will be barricades and developments like July 31st, he stated that on July 31st, the barricades were not organized by the local Serbs.

"Besides that they were prepared in advance, they talk about the involvement of criminal groups", said Kryeziu.

"This time, there were few images of civilians who joined the call," he added.

In addition to criminal groups, he said that at the same time it is clear that Serbia is involved in such developments.

"Blockades and unfavorable situations are made by Belgrade in order to promote conflict situations, this has to do with the presence of criminal groups that operate with the directives of the Serbian state, this state that has deep ties with Russia", Kryeziu further stated.

He emphasized that it would be irresponsible behavior from Kosovo not to consider this situation of July 31 and postpone the decision on reciprocity.

As for September 1, he said that the security institutions are already making preparations for the implementation of such a decision, a decision for which they are authorized.

"We expect that from September 1, all the decisions that can be implemented by our customs officers will be implemented."