New Delhi:

Apple Inc. has laid off some of its employees, according to reports, amid warnings of layoffs by Google.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple fired about 100 contract-based recruiters, the staff responsible for recruiting new employees.

According to the information, those whose contracts have been terminated have been informed that they will get paid and medical benefits for two weeks.

At the same time, those who are permanent employees of the company have not been laid off.

Apple has told sacked employees that the cuts have been made due to the company's current financial needs.

Chief executive Tim Cook said last month that Apple would reduce its spending. "We believe in investing during a recession," Tim Cook was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

“And so we will continue to hire people and invest in sectors. Earlier, tech giant Google told its employees that the company may have to lay off if the results are not good.

Let us tell you that Google CEO Sundar Pichai said earlier this month that he is not satisfied with the work of many employees.

According to Pichai, Google's productivity is less than where it should be.