Covid-19 still exists, be careful!

Fake ATK effect

Thai Rath Edition

Aug 16, 2022, 06:50 a.m.





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Using "ATK" or "Rapid antigen test"...US FDA issued the latest public warning on August 11, 2022, beware of "false negative results".

That is to say...home test kits often have a problem of "sensitivity", resulting in high "false negative results", meaning...infected but tested negative.

causing people to misunderstand that they are not infected

And there is a chance to be reckless with life without defense

and can spread to close people and communities

The advice is...if the test shows a positive result.

Usually indicates a real infection.

For "people with a history of touching or suspected of being infected

If the ATK test results are negative the first time, don't be complacent. You should repeat the test in 48 hours.

And even though it still got negative results again

should be repeated a third time in the next 48 hours.

As for "people with symptoms" suspected to have


if the ATK test results negative for the first time, don't be complacent, should repeat the test in 48 hours.

A third test should be repeated 48 hours later with ATK or seek RT-PCR testing or consult a doctor.

If at any time the test results are positive.

It means that there is a real chance of infection.

You should follow the guidelines for the infected person, such as going to treatment and isolating yourself from others.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Woratanarat

said that the advice above is consistent with what had been warned since last year.

At the beginning, when ATK was used in Thailand, long until the present careful about false negatives.

Periodic re-examination is very important.

Record of the epidemic situation of "Covid-19" on August 12, 2022. Points to be aware of are:

Spreading the news to mislead people into thinking that it is inevitable that infection is inevitable.

Including the five rivers to lure people into thinking that the virus is weakening, even though "medical facts" suggest that the Covid-19 virus

It is also spreading rapidly, severely, and can get sick and die.

Even if they have been vaccinated or have been infected before.

In addition, long-term abnormal problems such as

"Long COVID"

have been proven more and more clearly.

There is no specific treatment.

causing disabilities, disabilities, or severe until death

Vaccination reduced the risk by about 15%.

The above facts

Let us all know

Don't be fooled by fake news that… tone down harm and risk perception... diminish perception of danger and risk.

The lesson two and a half years ago

Lots of losses

where did it come from

please learn

believe what you should believe

do what should be done

One should not be allowed to be a “lab rat” to this bizarre idea and risk jeopardizing the health, well-being and safety of ourselves, our families and society.


And protecting yourself regularly is paramount.

Turning the data... Thai death statistics

Looking at the 7-day rolling average per million inhabitants.

It is found that deaths in Thailand are still higher than the world average.

higher than that of Asia

and clearly higher than those of high-middle-income countries

Especially if we know that

The daily number of deaths reported in the system does not include those who died with other co-morbidities.

Actual numbers of all deaths diagnosed with COVID-19

would be higher than what was seen in the report.

and if plotted on the graph

The more you can see the graph that is far away from other countries.

Above all, the information above reflects that the outbreak is still severe and causing losses.

Consistent protection is therefore very important.

Update knowledge about "Long Covid" starting from Crunfli F et al from Brazil.

Published research results in the international scientific journal PNAS (11 Aug 2022) The essence is...showing that patients

infected with COVID-19, in addition to being found to cause brain tissue atrophy

The bacterium infects astrocytes in the brain cells.

Which is like the structure of the brain and serves to supply energy sources and deliver neurotransmitters to nerve cells in the brain. Infection causes metabolic processes ... energy delivery ... neurotransmitters abnormal.

As a result, nerve cells malfunction and die.

The pathological mechanisms that have been studied show this.

therefore describes the symptoms and symptoms of brain or nervous system disorders that occur in patients with COVID-19

both in the early stages

or long term after infection

which found problems with thinking, memory, etc. in patients who tried covid

The key point is therefore...“Preventing yourself from being infected is the best.

complete vaccination

Be careful about risky activities

Risky behavior and risky places

Wearing a mask correctly and consistently is key.

Happy Mother's Day

I wish all mothers good health, safety and happiness.”

current situation trends

It is assessed that

by the end of this month

Worldwide, the number of infections may exceed 600 million ... The number of new infections each day comes from Asia and Europe.

Together, they accounted for 87.15 percent of the world's population, while the number of deaths accounted for 68.54 percent.

Projected on the epidemic situation in Thailand, it was found that “the elderly have inferior cellular immune responses.

This puts them at greater risk of serious illness and death than young people.”

Joseph M et al from the United Kingdom

The findings were published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences, PNAS, on August 9, 2022, which characterize the T-cell response to the COVID-19 virus.

Comparisons between people aged 50 and over and those under 50 found that the immune system responses in older people are more limited than younger people.

The above phenomenon is probably one of the reasons why older people are infected with COVID-19.

Then there is a chance of severe illness...more death.

Emphasizes that ... care and prevention of infection in the elderly

including people with various congenital diseases

that weaken the immune system

is very important

both about wearing a mask

including complete vaccinations as scheduled

Ending with... "Research to find a cure for covid-19" I have to admit that until today there is no specific treatment.

There have only been studies of approaches such as anti-inflammatory drugs.

Drugs to break down blood clots, steroids, etc. It takes time to know the results...preventing yourself from infection is the best.

Always wear the mask correctly.

don't be bored

Knowledge about COVID-19... know that

“Wake up is better than awake”.