This ship equipped with modern technology of China can also track ballistic missiles and satellites

New Delhi :

China's ship Yuan Wang 5 has reached Hambantota port in Sri Lanka.

After India's objection, Sri Lanka stopped the permission to allow this ship to come but then approved.

It will stop at Hambantoto port from 16 to 22 August.

China on its part has tried to assure Sri Lanka that it is not spying through this ship.

But Sri Lanka does not have any such means or technology through which it can investigate China's claim.

After all, what is there in this ship of China (Chinese military survey ship), about which it is called spy vessel.

This ship, which was included in China's fleet in 2007, is one of the seven ships that China calls a research vessel.

China has seven such ships and it is the fifth number vessel, hence its name Yuan Wang 5.

The ship is equipped with state-of-the-art tracking technology which can also track ballistic missiles and satellites.

It can collect data within a radius of 750 km from where it stands.

Hambantota is very close to the world's most busy East West shipping route, which further enhances its strategic position.

Standing on Hambantota, it is not only as close as 160 km to the Indian coast, but it can also collect data related to ISRO Satellite Center at Sriharikota and Kalpakkam Nuclear Plant.

It can capture the data of Kudankulam nuclear power plant.

Apart from this, it can also spy on 6 naval bases of South India and Kochi.

Although China has been refusing to consider it a spy ship, but it is also believed that it can collect data related to penetrating naval defense armor through mapping of the ocean floor. 

This is the compulsion of Sri 

Lanka, even after India's objection, if Sri Lanka allowed this ship to come, then Sri Lanka has its own compulsion behind it.

Actually, the Hambantota port has been developed by China, it is with it on a 99-year lease.

Had Sri Lanka refused, China could still have been bent on recovering its cost, which would have been a double whammy for Sri Lanka, which is facing economic crisis.

However, it is also a fact that India has given all kinds of help from oil to Sri Lanka, which is facing economic crisis.

India has given a line of credit of $ 3.8 billion this year.

On Monday itself, India has also given the Dornian plane to Sri Lanka, which will help this country in dealing with maritime challenges like smuggling etc.

Even after so much help from India, Sri Lanka could not stand before the pressure of China.

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