The Association "War Crimes in Gjakovë" announced that it submitted a criminal complaint to the Special Prosecutor's Office (PSRK) on Tuesday against the former commander of the 549th Motorized Brigade and now vice-president of the Parliament of Serbia, Bozhidar Delić.

The leader of this organization, Shkëndije Hoda, said that there are three criminal reports that have been submitted, where they have attached some factual documentation of a kind of diary of the operation of the "Motorized Brigade 549" under the command of Delić.

"We submitted them even though the procedures have changed a bit... we were a little unhappy, but we still received good words.

We will return to receive the confirmation of the acceptance of the material", she said.

"We are an NGO... We bring facts and the Police and the Prosecutor's Office perform their duties.

They are not obliged to inform us... you are the ones who should be informed, and you should inform us", said Hoda in front of the media.

The other representative of this association said that they have enough evidence that Deliq has committed crimes against the civilian population in Kosovo, hoping that he will not escape from justice.

"Today we came from Gjakova and submitted the criminal report regarding Bozhidar Deliq.

The same was an army general during the war, these documents prove that not only the Serbian police committed crimes only in civilians, but also the Serbian army.

We have evidence that people also recognized him because he performed his duty in civilian clothes, not in a military uniform.

There are hundreds of testimonies and I believe that this person will fall into the hands of The Hague", he declared.