From Kabul to Kiev, Lynsey Addario has documented conflicts around the world.

During the last 20 years, it has mostly focused on women's problems.

Her work is being honored with an award and exhibition from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

The selection of her photos from "The Guardian" newspaper is presented by Telegraf as follows.

US troops carry the body of Sergeant Larry Rougle, killed by Taliban insurgents in an ambush in the Korengal Valley (Afghanistan, October 2007).

Ukrainians clean up debris after a residential building was hit by rockets south of Kiev (February, 2022).

Forty-year-old Eyerus, mother of two children, in the "Ayder" hospital in Tigray - after being subjected to multiple sexual assaults by soldiers, during the conflict in Ethiopia.

More than 100 African refugees from The Gambia, Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Nigeria were rescued from a rubber boat by the Italian navy – in the sea between Italy and Libya (October, 2014).

Firefighters battle wildfires in the Lassen National Forest (California, 2021).

An Iraqi woman walks through a plume of smoke rising from a massive fire from a liquefied natural gas plant as she searches for her husband (Basra, Iraq, May 2003).

Sudan People's Liberation Army soldiers sit next to a truck waiting for it to be repaired as a sandstorm approaches in Darfur (Sudan, August 2004).

An 18-year-old woman about to give birth, and her mother, trapped in Afghanistan's Badakhshan province (November, 2009).

Her husband's first wife died in childbirth, so he had decided to take the other to the hospital – a four-hour drive from their village.

His car broke down and Addario drove them to the hospital, where the woman gave birth to a daughter.

Fires along the Trans-Amazonian Highway in Brazil (September, 2021).

Fire is the most common form of deforestation – to clear land for meat production and to open illegal mines.

A Ukrainian mother tends to her newborn in a maternity ward that has been moved to the basement of a hospital, as Russian troops battle Ukrainian forces on the outskirts of Kiev (March, 2022).