An application for a gas price in September of BGN 315.61/MWh was submitted by the state public supplier "Bulgargaz" for approval by the energy regulator.

This time, the company has complied with its obligations, as urged by the chairman of the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (KEVR), Ivan Ivanov, who last week threatened executive director Ludmil Yotsov with a fine if he continued to delay applications and price forecasts.

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Thus, "Bulgargaz" announced its forecast for the October price of BGN 269.29/MWh, but the application for the September price was published later by KEVR.

The calculated value for the next month of BGN 315.61 is an increase of 6 percent compared to the current tariff for August of BGN 297.89/MWh without taxes and fees.

It is clear from the statement that not only the influence of the European gas exchanges, after the company had to look for alternatives to Gazprom's suspended supplies, but also the dollar exchange rate, which in July increased from 2.99 percent, writes 

In August, Bulgargaz included in the price the quantities of Azeri gas guaranteed even before the gas crisis under the long-term contract, liquefied gas under two contracts and those purchased last week through the Bulgarian state gas exchange at a price, according to market participants, of BGN 322/MWh. which is below the prices of the European gas exchanges.

The state company provides a report according to which the contracts for September on the Dutch TTF exchange are concluded at prices of around 205 euros/MWh, the supplies of a virtual trading point in Germany are about one euro more expensive, and the prices of one in Austria are over 206 euros.

In the application, the data on the relevant quantities of Azeri and liquefied gas have been deleted.

Only those for the stock market are left – 11,300 MWh daily throughout September or 1,070 million cubic meters.

For liquefaction, it is indicated that the supplies were concluded with the condition of transfer to a slot for regasification of the quantities at the Greek terminal Revitusa.

Such a slot is provided by "Bulgargaz", but when the supplies are unloaded, the time for their storage at the terminal is limited and the company cannot physically import larger volumes in such a short time.

The supplier needs an even supply of quantities throughout the month and has therefore made inquiries to registered and active traders in Greece to carry out a swap transaction.

Through this, "Bulgargaz" will sell to a virtual sales point in Greece the quantities of liquefied gas in the period in which it has the capacity for regasification and storage.

It will then buy back the same quantities subject to an even monthly delivery in September.

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