The company "Parks and Greenery" - Skopje, reacted today through an article on the social network Facebook, against the demolition of the benches and the miserable condition in the Macedonia park.

A large number of benches were damaged and broken by unscrupulous persons.

"We strongly condemn the vandalism in the Macedonia park!

Damaged, broken and uprooted benches, thrown across the greenery of the Macedonia park, is the sight that our teams encountered in the park this morning.

Unfortunately, such sightings of destroyed park equipment are an increasingly common occurrence in the city.

We condemn this kind of vandalism of the urban green equipment and appeal to preserve them as general public goods for all visitors", the announcement of the Enterprise states.

We remind you that the damage to green spaces, the breaking of benches or the demolition of toys in children's parks have constantly happened in many Macedonian cities, while apart from institutional appeals, the destroyers of public property are almost never known!