Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US should give Taiwan "every tool" it needs to avoid being taken over by China.

According to Pompeo, US President Joe Biden is exhibiting a "lack of resolve" in terms of foreign policy, which incites US opponents around the world to aggression, writes the Washington Times.

Hostile regimes such as Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela sense weakness and want to take advantage, said Pompeo, who is a potential Republican candidate for the US presidency in 2024.

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He said in an interview with the American publication that the disastrous way in which the US government withdrew its troops from Afghanistan started a trend in which America's adversaries began to behave more and more aggressively.

In his view, China in particular has gained more courage to pursue its interests with regard to Taiwan.

Pompeo said he supported reducing the number of US forces in Afghanistan, but under "certain conditions".

He said "every world leader" had witnessed the US's "failure" to withdraw last year and saw an America that did not do what was necessary to protect its interests.

"When they see that -- that lack of resolve, I think it increases the likelihood that (Chinese President) Xi Jinping will make an aggressive attempt to do what he has long wanted, which is to bring Taiwan back into China's orbit," he said.

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"There is little doubt in my mind that Xi Jinping senses a weakness on the part of the American government," Pompeo said in the weekend interview during a visit to South Korea, where he was attending an event to promote greater U.S. engagement in the Pacific region.

Pompeo expressed concern that America's national security agencies, including the FBI, are under attack from a "political mentality" that threatens to undermine their primary mission, which is to protect Americans.

Asked about the FBI's raid on former US President Donald Trump's Florida estate, he said it was imperative that the agency's day-to-day operations be "cleaned of politics".

Pompeo warned that there could be dangerous consequences "when you start going after your enemies" in domestic politics.