Multiple signals have been received at the European Center for Transport Policy about problems in the area of ​​AM "Trakia" in which a bus full of Serbian children overturned. 


The last signal was from Thursday.

 Until the 208th km, the condition of the road is very good, after that there are many deformations along the route, including in the active lane," Rusinova specified.

She recalled that there is a law in force in Bulgaria, according to which the transportation of children cannot be carried out in the dark part of the day, adds

A passenger revealed why the bus with children crashed on the Trakia highway

"The control body practically does not work, it is on vacation. Specialized inspections can only be carried out by the Executive Agency "Automotive Administration". It has 8 directorates and no more than 150 employees who carry out these inspections, which most of the time are not working. The control is not effective. In Bulgaria, it is an open secret that these transports are carried out anyway, wherever," Rusinova added.

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