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The people from the official office are from the second echelon.

Radev is absolutely consistent, he wants a position that is not provided for him by the Constitution.

The cabinet is a parasitic tool that each president uses according to his intentions and qualities.

The impression that it is an alternative is wrong.

This is what political scientist Lyubomir Stefanov commented on "Your Day".

According to him, the official office has the same powers as a regular one.

"Sensitive topics, however, should not be the subject of a different policy, not even any. Controversy should be avoided. There is no way GERD

GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in supporting the PP, as they accused them," he believes. 

The Prosecutor's Office proposes to have a National Interdepartmental Unit for the elections

For his part, sociologist Associate Professor Mira Radeva believes that Radev's attempts to create his own political sequel are obvious.

"He is betting on alternatives to Cornelia Ninova

Kornelia Ninova is a Bulgarian politician from the BSP, a member of the Parliamentary Group of the Coalition for.

There is a rift between her and the president, leadership opposition and non-recognition.

This is not good for both the voters and the president.

He constantly acts in the direction of increasing his powers," she pointed out.

According to her, younger people who are looking for an alternative voted for PP.

"It's about a natural generational change - for 40-year-olds to replace 60 and over. But not on the basis of disrespect, of disrespect. Vassilev and Petkov should not think only of how to slap Boyko Borisov

Boyko Metodiev Borisov is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria. He was born on June 13, 1959, and for the message to his voters," Radeva urged.

Cornelia Ninova

Boyko Borisov