The vice president of SDSM, Bisera Kostadinovska Stojčevska, told "Kanal 5" that there will be regular elections in 2024.

"We will not fall under these provocations of OBRM-PDUKM, we believe that now faced with the energy crisis, the Covid crisis, we have much more important work than the entire development process in the country to stop, just because the shadow leader from Budapest wants it," said Kostadinovska Stojčevska.

Regarding the opposition announcements for the referendum, Kostadinovska Stojčevska emphasized that OBRM-PDUKM must first decide what it wants and that so far this party has behaved inconsistently many times.

"But if OBRM-PDUKM requests a referendum, they must first declare whether they will vote or not, because this was also the case in the referendum on the name change, where their official leader Hristijan Mickoski did not play the role of either the fish or the girl. the same thing happened with the registration, they did not have a clear position on anything", said Kostadinovska Stojčevska./Telegrafi/