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Aug 16, 2022, 06:42 a.m.





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Countdown to midnight on August 23

With less than 10 days remaining of "Big Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense on the Prime Minister's Chair

It is said according to the cheers of the "Appehi" coalition, a 3 year old military leader who transforms the procession into a large parade, stretching every now and then.

both academic

University professors, leaders of the masses, go to support the trend of students

both opposite poles

spread to the former coalition of the same faction

transmits high-frequency signals

"Time to return happiness" It's time for "Big Tu" to get up from the chair of the leader of Thailand who has been sitting for 8 years.

It implied that he would drag along the omen, not going down the tiger's back easily.

According to the story will cause great damage.

The level that Mr. Pisit Leelawachiropas, former governor of the Auditor-General of Thailand (AOT) warned him to threaten

"Big Tu" cannot stay longer than 8 years under the new constitution.

If it continues to function, there will be a lot of problems.

Worried that after August 23, Gen. Prayut was not in the position of Prime Minister.

can not interfere with the money of the land

unable to withdraw salary

Benefits given by the state in the position of Prime Minister

Don't be left out until you can't take responsibility.

Damage will be caused to the people who own the land money.

Same sentiment as Mr. Jet Donavanik, a famous lawyer.

Which projected to see chaos If the 24th of August has passed

when someone reported

If the police do not dare to report

There will be people who will notify the police for neglecting their duties.

will become entangled in a chain

but worrisome

This will affect the economy, society will have people come out to gather.

It's just a drop of honey and maybe the last straw.

Shocking and dizzying.

Most importantly, it's not a matter of fanfare, beeping, raising armor, knocking on wood like it's on.

But it's a locked legal knot.

Can be interpreted 2 pages, heads, tails, no middle

As the opposition coalition has submitted to the Constitutional Court to determine the term of the Prime Minister of "Big Tu" since the Prime Minister's approval in 2014 after the coup.

Or let's start counting in 2017 when the current constitution comes into force.

by attaching the "records" of the Arhat team to draft the scriptures

It is the opinion of "Supemechai Ruchuphan", former chairman of the constitution drafting committee, and Vice-President Supoj Khaukd, who spoke clearly about the issue of being prime minister for no more than eight years.

to count backwards from the date of taking the position

Betting on the lottery according to the "intentions" of the Arhat team, drafting a constitutional scripture

"Sipei has won," it is quite clear that

Gen. Prayut has been Prime Minister since August 23, 2014, three months after the coup.

It is said that this is a “Khan Cha Na” strangulation knot.

Bargain price "Big Tu" slipped out of the chair for 8 years, flowing as much as he could go on.

and according to the conditions of the situation, overturned, overturned

Then another page appeared, which was the “dissolution of parliament” before midnight on August 23.

According to the mood of the 3 year old military leader who may not be confident with his own power status that is not as tight as before.

Wheeling with the swaying political conditions

I don't know how to drag on

Can't find a party as a base for sure power

The world is wide but the road is narrow

constricting every moment

But the highlight point is in the dream of showing international pictures.

on the stage of the APEC meeting in Bangkok

in this november

It's the honor of life.

If the parliament is dissolved, he can remain acting prime minister for at least 3 months.

In times of turmoil, conditions measure mind.

Anything can happen.

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