The former Supreme Commander of the North Atlantic Alliance, James Stavridis, believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin has now realized that he was wrong when he decided to start the invasion of Ukraine.

"I think that in those quiet and dark hours - that is, at two in the morning when he woke up, he realized that he was wrong.

He will never accept this, never.

I will continue to maintain this obsession that Ukraine is led by neo-Nazis.

Funny," said Stavridis.

"Putin will claim that NATO has somehow brought him into this conflict.

Everything that has happened is the work of Vladimir Putin, including the invasion and the sanctions that followed.

He knows this deep in his soul, but he will never admit it publicly", said the American admiral, among other things.

He also commented on the question of when the war might end - stressing that both sides are at least six months away from finding a solution.

However, he admitted that what will lead to the difficult negotiations that Putin is facing after the great loss of soldiers, will also be the destruction of Russian military equipment.

"I would say that in six months it will be in a very difficult situation", added the former head of NATO, stressing that the patience of the West and the fat money for weapons are not infinite.

"I think that these two issues will eventually force both sides to come to some sort of agreement," Stavridis said at the end.