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Aug 16, 2022, 06:41 a.m.





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The merger trend of True and DTAC in our country is nearing a settlement as the NBTC requires further analysis of the new company's business merger structure that will affect competition in the market. spectrum holding

service rate reduction

and the promotion of MVNO

(Virtual Network Mobile Phone Service)

or does not have its own frequency band) in a concrete manner

before there is a resolution to allow or disallow either

Acting for the Secretary-General of the NBTC or the Broadcasting Commission

television business

and the National Telecommunications Commission Trairat Wiriyasirikul

concluded that

The results of the study of the subcommittees for the study of the 4 groups of mergers, the results of 3 groups of limited public hearings, the economic impact study report.

Consolidation Effects

and independent consultant's report

by Finansa Securities

taken into consideration in the decision of the NBTC.

However, it appears that the NBTC's board has taken this matter into consideration initially.

and saw that the information was incomplete

There is still a lack of information on many important issues such as the merger structure of the two companies.

The impact that will occur on management

or holding the spectrum

service rate reduction, etc.

The reason for the merger, especially the new company structure, confirmed that in order to restructure the business and develop the business

Telecommunications under a new company to become a technology company

To have shares and management together equally in the form of equal partners is an adaptation of the telecommunication industry.

For entrepreneurs who are similar

whether public or private

cause full competition

It is to cope with the changes of the digital world.

That raises the level of competition with entrepreneurs around the world is part of the board.

NBTC used as information for consideration.

Because it will lead to costs in the telecommunication industry.

which will affect consumers as well

However, technically

Investment in the telecommunication industry is costing more every year due to the change of more modern technology.

Even if it is a business development in the telecommunication industry, it has to be exchanged for increased investment.

This ultimately leads to competition in the telecommunication industry in the future.

Chairman of the NBTC, Dr. Soron Boonbaichaipruek

Said the issue of the merger between True and DTAC, confirming that the NBTC will collect all the results of the study and present it to the board for consideration.

Which will not be prolonged and there is absolutely no flag, as well as Dr. Supach Supachalasai, NBTC for economics, admits that the NBTC has to take care of price regulation to be suitable for both entrepreneurs and consumers.

However, this all depends on the board.

Will the NBTC adhere to the principles of public interest and the country's first priority?

And there must be fair competition under the same rules, transparency and accountability.

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