Google recently started bringing a redesign of its email service to users.

However, a large number of users will not be satisfied with it and will want to return or keep the current design.

Google is changing the design of Gmail in order to bring the service in line with the design changes that have already been made to the company's other services.

However, if you don't like the new look, you can keep the old look for a while longer.

It is not known how long this option will be available, but for now you can revert to the previous model with just a few clicks.

If you decide you want the new look to replace the old one, open your Gmail inbox, click the Settings gear in the top-right corner of the page, and select "Revert to original look."

You will get a window asking why you want to revert to the previous version view and if you can leave that field blank.

The new Gmail design, in addition to the changed look, also adds Google Chat, Spaces and Meet to the main Gmail menu on the left side.

As part of the new design, users still have the ability to change some features and the appearance of their inbox.

There is the option to choose how compact the emails will be, which messages appear at the top of the page, change the background of Gmail and more.