China said on Monday that Sri Lanka has allowed its satellite and missile surveillance vessel to arrive at its Hambantota port on Tuesday, but did not give details of the talks with Sri Lanka after the island nation's government ordered a Beijing ship. The earlier stance of postponing the entry of the U.S. was changed. allowed to send.

When asked about this at a press conference here, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, "As you said, Sri Lanka has allowed Yuan Wang-5 to anchor at its port." Wang, however, refused to divulge details of his talks with Colombo regarding allowing the ship to arrive. When asked if the consultations took place, Wang said, "Answer to the specific question you asked." I would like to say that we have clarified China's stand many times.

When Sri Lanka asked China to suspend the ship's entry, China expressed its displeasure, citing so-called "security concerns" by some countries to put pressure on Colombo and its internal affairs "completely". It is absolutely unwarranted to intervene." The order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka on August 13 said that Colombo has taken a deep consultation on certain concerns.

The ministry said in its statement that it had requested the Chinese embassy on August 5 to postpone the proposed visit of the Chinese ship to the port of Hambantota from August 11 to 17 in view of the certain concerns raised with the ministry till further talks in the matter. be avoided.

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