The inspection will last until August 30.

During this time, as stated by the military commissar of the Central District of Minsk Siarhei Koush, "the headquarters of the military territorial defense and a separate rifle battalion" will be formed.

The recruitment of personnel (soldiers and officers) into the territorial troops takes place on the basis of the Minsk Palace of Children and Youth.

It is noted that the age of the conscripts is different, among them is 57-year-old Uladzimer Navitkevich, the former head of the public security police of the State Department of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

It is reported that the servicemen "will renew their skills in military accounting specialties, master new tactical techniques and weapons samples."

At this stage, a total of 300 people from three districts — Sovetskyi, Pershamaiskyi and Tsentralnyi — will be drafted into the anti-terrorist service.

The task of forming and checking the territorial troops in the capital was put before the chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee, Zladimir Kukharavny, on August 9.

As the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Viktar Gulevich, stated at the time, "this event is the final one in the framework of checking the level of preparation of the territorial defense of the capital."

The Ministry of Defense emphasized that at this stage, the effectiveness of the work of the officials of the Minsk City Executive Committee and three district administrations in managing the territorial troops will be evaluated.

The first stage of testing the readiness of anti-terrorist units was conducted from January 17 to 28.