Date of the day

On August 16, 1976,

Yan Stankevich

, a Belarusian linguist, historian, political figure, died.

Jan Stankevich

Also on this day

1941 - the USSR published an order according to which Red Army soldiers who surrendered were declared traitors, and their families were deprived of state support.

1945 - in Moscow, the USSR and Poland signed an agreement on the Soviet-Polish border, which was based on the "Curzon line", proposed back in 1919-1920.

According to the treaty, almost the entire Bialystok region, consisting of 17 districts with the regional center and 3 districts of the Brest region, went from Belarus to Poland.

A significant number of the Belarusian population was within the borders of the Polish state.

1960 — Cyprus was declared an independent state.

1995 - the majority of the population of the Bermuda Islands voted against independence and for maintaining the status of a British colony in a referendum.

They were born on this day

1874 ―

Aleksandar Ulasau

, Belarusian public figure, editor-publisher of the newspaper "Nasha Niva", senator in the interwar Polish Republic.

1878 -

Dominik Siamashka

, Belarusian and Lithuanian public and political figure.

1903 –

Mykola Abramchyk,

President of the BNR.

This date is indicated in the Encyclopedia of the History of Belarus

According to other information, he

was born on August 6, 1903.

Mykola Abramchyk and Natalia Arsenneva

1935 —

Alexander Podluzhny

, Belarusian linguist.

In memory

1977 -

Elvis Presley

, American singer, king of rock and roll.

Elvis Presley

1990 -

Yazep Semyazhon

, Belarusian translator and poet.