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9 children and two adults from the Serbian bus that crashed on Sunday evening on AM "Trakia" remain in the University Hospital in Stara Zagora.

Two of the victims are in extremely serious condition.

Serious accident with a bus with children on the Trakia highway, there are injured

An 11-year-old boy is in the intensive care unit of the medical facility and his transportation to "Pirogov" is being discussed.

The condition of a man who had to have his leg amputated is also serious.

A total of 44 children and adults were examined in the evening at the emergency center.

Teams from Nova Zagora and Sliven also helped.

2 more children were in shock, but were taken out of intensive care.

Eyewitness of the Trakia disaster: The sight of crying children covered in blood was horrifying

"Generally with injuries, brain injuries less.

Most of them have bruises, with broken arms, legs and pelvises," Dr. Veselin Ivanov, a thoracic surgeon at UMBAL "Prof.

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AM "Thrakia"