5 interesting facts about "The Sandman", the fantasy series of the year

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The Sandman

 (The Sandman) is an epic series currently available on Netflix with 10 EPs based on a highly recommended comic book dubbed "

Intellectuals Should Read

". A fantasy series that has been cited as the "


" of the year. 

Why did The Sandman


get so much attention?

Thairath Online

will take you to get to know 5 interesting facts that fans of this series should not miss

5 things you should know about "The Sandman," the fantasy series of the year, available on Netflix.

Adapted from DC comics,



is a Netflix fantasy series based on the popular comic book series by 

British author

Neil Gaiman .

It was originally published between 1989 and 1996, although in the past there have been attempts at making a live-action version of The Sandman.

But it hasn't been achieved until 2022, giving fans long-standing DC comics.

They are all very excited to see each other.

2. Synopsis The Sandman 2022 (The Sandman)

The Sandman

fantasy series

tells the story that takes place in 1916 when

Morpheus, the

god of dreams, is one of the seven gods of the Endless ( Anan god) with a reason to be imprisoned for more than a hundred years

before escaping

and found that the moment he disappeared

The universe was in a state of turmoil as the gods of the Dream Land were lost.

So he has to set out on an adventure to find 3 things that have been stolen, namely masks, sandbags and rubies, in order to bring them back to restore the land of dreams to prosper again.

3. The Cast in The Sandman

Anyone who has seen the movie 

Far from the Madding Crow

(2015) may be familiar with the face of "

Tom Sturridge

," where he played the lead in The Sandman. Many others include Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Donna Preston, Mason Alexander Park, Joely Richardson, Razane Jammal, David Thewlis, among others.

4. Promoting Diversity

It is said that "


" is at the heart of Neil Gaiman's work, as well as raising social issues of the time.

reflected through the comic book

With many hidden meanings and meanings, The Sandman has become a book for intellectuals.

There are philosophical ideas to interpret. There is also support for gender diversity.

Even in the series that airs on Netflix, multi-ethnic actors are cast.

Including having to adjust the characters to be more in line with the current social movements as well.

5. The Sandman Series Review: The


received a review score of 7.8/10 from IMDB and 87% from Rotten Tomatoes. The world beyond the imagination of dreams is amazing.

Full of beautiful and realistic productions.

Perfectly executed Neil Gaiman's creative ideas.

The Sandman


introduced the abstract concept of dreams.

One of the mysteries of human sleep.

mixed with stories of gods and folk legends

Along with exploring the dark side of the human mind with intense stories.

that in addition to providing entertainment to the audience

also invites you to ponder on various issues

throughout the story as well

The Sandman

(The Sandman) is a series that is quite to watch.

Success and good feedback

As evidenced by a combined 70 million hours of streaming worldwide, within the first week it was released to stream on Netflix, it could have led to the creation of a sequel.

Including the creation of The Sandman universe with stories of many characters to follow each other from now on.