way of the swan

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During the time when the Qin Dynasty was not yet unified, Chen Sheng, a young farmer's son, talked to his friends when he grew up well.

We should not leave each other

friends laughing

We are just peasants... Chen Sheng mused,

“Your sparrows

Who will understand the swan ideology?”

Swan Chensheng's Way

Started by choosing to join the Qin Dynasty soldier.

The position of camp leader Khumphon 900

In the month of 7...210 A.D., Chen Erzi ascended the throne.

Chen Sheng received orders to lead soldiers to fight the Xiongnus.

Arriving at Da Ze Village, Zezhou City, it was raining heavily.

The river's water overflowed, cutting the path.

Chen Sheng waited several days, the rain would not stop.

The situation was clear, he probably wouldn't have led the soldiers as ordered by the royal court.

in which there is only one punishment, namely death

Chen Sheng whispered to Wu Guang, deputy head of the camp.

In court politics, Chen Ershi was not a great son.

no right to sit on the throne

He made the claim that it was not true... The big son Fu Su should have won the throne but was killed by Chen Erzi.

and then persuaded Fu Su to bring 900 soldiers to join Yanxing.

General of the Chu Province

who were fighting with the Qin region

Wu Guang took it too.

But the problem is with the soldiers... how much will they listen to orders?

Chen Sheng proceeded to write the words in red ink.

(Chen Sheng Wang) into a silk cloth, stuffed into the belly of the fish that people can buy from the market.

While people were criticizing Chen Sheng news.

They sent people to hide in the forest... howling loudly.

When it entered the villagers' ears, someone interpreted the sound of a howling dog as “Restoring Chu Chen Sheng Wang.”

Rumors spread from home to the barracks.

And finally, the final plan was to buy the hearts of the soldiers... Chen Sheng sniffed the patrol officers representing the imperial court.

incite Wu Guang to bow

The deputy head of the camp then threw the sword at Wu Guang to kill the patrol officer.

As the 900 soldiers were stunned, Chen Sheng announced that we had missed the deadline for the death penalty, the 900 soldiers still hesitated, Chen Sheng announced loudly.

"Those in power

Was it from birth?” Causing the soldiers to unite against the Qin Imperial Court.

End of this announcement

Chinese history must be inscribed that

The "Da Zexiang Uprising", that is, the first peasant revolution, erupted and spread far and wide.

It became a model for many more revolutions for peasants in mainland China.

Chen Sheng Historical House

So I had to write...the status of a farmer Wang (Ang)

Chen Sheng fought the government.

established himself from a farmer to a king

He was able to make the words that used to seem to slip away.

meditated with friends

"Sparrow or will you understand the swan" was a reality more than twenty years later.

Techniques...release rumors...write your name on a satin cloth stuffed into the fish's belly...plus a subject.

howling dog

It is the sound of political ideology... still being used by generations of politicians.

Many who have won the battle are called "lords," but many who have lost are called "rebels."

and most importantly

The sentence that encourages soldiers to be powerful is not born from birth.

which has been spoken since more than two thousand years ago

There are still people talking about it to this day.

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