There is nothing that Thai politicians cannot do.

the wind changes direction

15 Aug 2022 05:33





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9 o'clock this morning, Mr. Chuan Leekpai, the president of the National Assembly, called a very urgent meeting of the senators and senators to meet in the National Assembly for consideration.

A bill for the election of the House of Representatives that flips back and forth like a toasted banana

on how to choose

list of MPs

The formula is divided by 100 or divided by 500

after the senators and senators together parachute.

Causing the council to collapse repeatedly

It is the last meeting before 180 days. If today the council falls again

had to go back to using the original formula of the government's formula 100 divided for selection

100 members of the list of MPs

In fact, the original government draft uses a formula of 100 to divide the second ballot score.

to qualify

The list of 100 MPs is a law that is correct and sanctioned.

But when someone thinks to make a story

not sanctioned

Causing chaos to sell snakehead fish immediately after the cabinet meeting before the consideration of agenda 2, there was news that Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, called a meeting of the heads of the coalition party, including Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, the Pracharath Party. Khun Anutin Charnvirakul of the Bhumjaithai Party, Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, the Democrat Party

News that he wants to flip from a divide by 100 formula to divide by 500 to split the bank, fears that the Pheu Thai Party will win a land slide election, as threatened by Thaksin Shinawatra, who supports the Pheu Thai Party.

senator, senator, government department

I obeyed as well.

Do things that have never been done before.

Voted over the resolution of the committee term 2 in the middle of the council by using a broken majority.

Changed from the formula for dividing by 100 to dividing by 500, but the Pheu Thai Party insisted on the same principle of dividing by 100.

Good day after the no-confidence vote

There is news that Prime Minister Uncle Tu

Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha wanted to revert to the original divisible by 100 formula, but the draft electoral law had already been amended to divide by 500, so it was broken by a method that was not sanctioned again, which was to cause the council to collapse so that the election bill that changes the formula to dividing 500 cannot be considered in time for 180 days, which will be due on August 15, that is today, for this bill to fall.

It will bring back the original government's formula that uses the 100 division formula.

Unbelievable, you have to believe the 727 senators in the National Assembly, who are responsible for enacting laws to create rules and regulations that have good governance for the country.

Instead of doing something wrong and shameful.

for the benefit of a single person who wants to continue to hold power

break the rules and good governance of the country

Do you swear that you did it out of patriotism?

Parliament meeting today, I believe that the "Parliament collapse" again. This meeting is to show that.

tried to act until the last moment

But it crashed anyway.

each parliamentary meeting

There are members of the House of Representatives saying that

Only food and water, senators, senators on the day of the meeting, they throw in more than 1 million baht per day. They don't know what to eat.

Bananas are already eaten.

Still not counting salary, water, electricity, I don't know how much.

But they are not responsible for their own duties until the council collapses and parachute does not attend the meeting.

came, didn't show up

causing the council to fall over and over again

Do you not feel ashamed, or how or do you get used to it?

Parliament collapsed last week.

According to the news

It is a collaborative game between the Pracharath Party of "Big Pom" Gen. Prawit, with "Big Tu" Gen. Prayut as prime minister, together with the Pheu Thai Party, supported by Thaksin Shinawatra. Today, two Will this party work together again?

If we work together again today

rumors that

Phalang Pracharath Party will join Pheu Thai Party to form a post-election government.

It could be true news.

There is nothing impossible with Thai politicians.

"The wind changes direction"