The fact that the base was destroyed was reported by several Russian telegram channels covering the war in Ukraine, as well as a channel that publishes news about the "Wagnerians" with announcements about the recruitment of mercenaries.

According to one of the Russian military correspondents, Yurii Katenko, the artillery strike was carried out by the HIMARS multiple rocket launcher system, which was supplied to Ukraine by the United States.

Ukrainian mass media note that a week ago, another Russian military commander, Sergei Serado, published photos from

According to some media reports, businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, close to Vladimir Putin, who is considered a sponsor and one of the founders of Wagner's PMC, could have been at the base at the time of the attack.

There is no official confirmation of this information.

  • PVK Wagner is a Russian unofficial military unit that is not listed on the balance sheet of the military departments and in the register of legal entities, but its fighters, according to numerous journalistic investigations, take part in the ground operations of the Russian Federation in Syria and in the war in Ukraine.

    PVK is considered one of the most combat-ready units involved in the occupation of Ukrainian territories.