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The prosecutor's office has been ordered to pay BGN 1,800,000 to a private company because of the scandalous "Octopus" mega-case, reports BIRD.BG.

The record compensation was established by a decision of the Supreme Court of Cassation dated August 12.

It is not subject to appeal.

The company "Gold Leasing" Ltd. is engaged in the rental and operational leasing of cars and light trucks.

In 2010, when the interior minister was the former second in command at GERB, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, the police broke into the company's office and seized all office computers and dozens of bags of documents.

This is happening as part of the mega operation Octopus.

There are numerous publications in the media that "Gold Leasing" is part of the tentacles of "Octopus" and that criminal money was laundered through the company.

After the noisy action, three main cases were filed.

They became popular as the "Big Octopus", in which serious economic crimes remained, the "Gentle Octopus" - for pimping and prostitution, and the "Little Octopus" - for racketeering and coercion.

Only the latter reached court.

The documents seized from Gold Lease in 2010 are the so-called "Big Octopus", and the case against it was dismissed on February 27, 2014.

After the action, for a long time, the prosecutor's office refused to return the computers and documentation to Gold Leasing, or at least to provide copies to Gold Leasing, so that it could continue its commercial activities.

And so for four years, until finally in 2014, the prosecutor's office quietly ended the pre-trial proceedings.

Despite this, however, the state prosecution continues to not return to the company the assets necessary for its activity. Meanwhile, the company is bankrupt.

Final: Alexey Petrov was declared innocent in the "Octopus" case

The Supreme Court of Cassation relies on the practice of the Court of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights to justify its decision, which determines the amount of compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.

"In view of the above, the decision of the appellate court in the part rejecting the claim for payment of compensation for property damage for the difference over BGN 802,408.92 to the amount of BGN 1,021,319.19, i.e. for the amount of BGN 218,910.27, should be canceled and the claim upheld up to the specified amount," says the Supreme Court.

In addition to this sum, the legal interest on the principals from 10.02.2015 is also awarded, with which the compensation that the prosecutor's office must pay to the company "Gold Leasing" swells significantly.

In addition, the state prosecution will pay BGN 29,421.73 in costs for the three court instances.

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