The project of the Commander-in-Chief of the Police

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15 Aug 2022 05:18





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The National Research Fair 2022 gathers the best innovation research in Thailand.

Royal Thai Police presents "Smart Safety Zone 4.0, Safety Innovations

for crime prevention” with Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Assistant Commissioner of Police, as a speaker and gave a special lecture on police work.

"New Normal Era"

under the leadership of

Pol Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk

, the police chief, who Pol Lt Gen Surachet said

Police must be proactive amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The surge in social problems led to an increase in crime.

Police chief moves police to proactive

work in the field of prevention and suppression

Must prevent incidents or that there is a theft-running-robbery

Prevention and suppression are better than incidents and investigations and arrests.

The work of the police returned to the form of the police are the people.

and the people are the police

everyone participates

Have a responsibility in the community where they live.

from that concept

Police Lieutenant Colonel Suwat

Initiated the launch of the

"Smart Safety Zone 4.0"

project to enable the police to work in accordance with the needs of the people.

before starting to have an inspection

by using the people poll questionnaire to measure results in real time according to the needs of the people really

to meet the real needs of each community

Innovative project "Smart Safety Zone 4.0" of the police. Supported by the National Research Office.

Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation

Use innovation and place people at the center of the concept.

"Smart City" and "Government 4.0" step into the digital era of the police chief, with Pol Lt. Gen. Surachet driving

that want to create a safe area

Police chief selects landmark areas

economic source

and areas where people are afraid of crime to create a safe area

Enhanced crime prevention in public spaces

integration between government sectors

private sector and people in community areas

to build confidence

and reassuring to the people of Thailand

The police chief initiated a pilot project "Smart Safety Zone 4.0" in 15 police stations in Bangkok and major cities, important landmarks of Thailand.

Before it had a good response from people in Chom Chun, it was expanded to 1 province per 1 station, totaling 100 police stations across the country that were driven.

until receiving a lot of feedback and support

As a result, the project "Smart Safety Zone 4.0" won the award of The Best Experience in Community Policing from the World Police Summit in Dubai.

United Arab Emirates

is innovative

The Chief of Police came up with an idea.

reduce the number of crime cases

People actually benefit.