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Throughout his life in government service through full experience

Almost didn't play the role of "army leader" "when his fate turned upside down since his days at the police cadet school, he was "presumably punished", offering to release the 36th edition.

that colorful trip


The 18th Sangha, the Sangha, came to ask for alms.

Lt. Suwat Chaengyodsuk

ended up in a dizzying way, packed as a secondary.

Police Station Hua Mak

“Kids graduated from the new police cadet school.

need a good nanny

to be a template

Otherwise, it will go out of the way.” Referring to his real experience almost 40 years ago.

A new lieutenant follows and catches an insane man in the Muslim grove, being hit by a solid object on the head and lynched until unconscious.

before falling in love with the detective aura

"Northern Investigation Division" has

"Preecha Thimamontri" to

teach all the best subjects.


Muang Samut Prakan Police Station

Kill the thieves who threw a bomb

Paknam city center restaurant

Join the mold of 30 heirs, a model detective in the history of the city.

When he was a deputy director of the Royal Thai Air Force 2, following the villain of the dragon land

Killed, chopped off the bodies, stuffed them in a refrigerator from The Emerald Hotel, Ratchadaphisek, hugged each other in a taxi.

The assailant stole the gun and shot it through his hand.

The shrapnel flew into the wounded nose.

became a textbook of errors.

If you are negligent, it may cost your life.

These are just "minor" fractions of the passage of

Pol Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk,

before he was given the role of "Leader" with heroic deeds like no other.

He had the opportunity to return to give a special lecture to the 76-79 police cadets on the topic "Valuable Service to the Police" at the Police Cadet Academy, Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom Province.

How many juniors will have the opportunity to follow the "intrinsic" flavor of a senior police officer like him?