A crowd of people have gathered in the eastern Finnish city of Imatra on a bridge overlooking the Imatrankoski rapids, one of the Nordic country's most popular natural attractions.

At the same time every day, the nearly century-old river dam opens and water rushes under the bridge, to the sound of the music of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

It is a popular attraction especially for Russian tourists.

Even Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, visited Imatrankoski in 1772.

But since the end of July, the city of Imatra has started the show by playing the national anthem of Ukraine, to protest against the Russian occupation, reports



Finland, which shares a 1,300-kilometer eastern border with Russia, is also preparing to limit tourist visas issued to Russians.

"This is bad for Russians who love Finland," said Mark Kosykh, a 44-year-old Russian tourist who came to see the rapids with his family.

"But we understand the government of Finland," he says.

Kosykh points out that there are Russians who do not like the war, "Not all Russians are with Putin.

The government and all people must understand this."

Russia started the invasion of the Ukrainian state on February 24 of this year, causing casualties and material damage.