Russia has faced significant losses of tanks and armored vehicles following the actions of Ukrainian forces, according to reports.

Ukrainska Pravda, a Ukrainian newspaper, reported that on Saturday Kiev forces were successful in destroying eight tanks and 11 armored vehicles.

This report comes after a post by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

The message underlined Ukrainian estimates of the total losses Russia has faced since the conflict began on February 24, while also highlighting recent additions.

According to the post, a total of 43,550 Russian military personnel have been killed and another 150 killed on Saturday.

A total of 1,864 tanks have been destroyed with 8 additional tanks destroyed on Saturday.

Also, 4,126 armored fighting vehicles were destroyed, he said.

In addition, five operational-tactical UAVs, three vehicles and fuel tankers, two artillery systems and one helicopter were destroyed on August 13, according to Ukraine.

The post also noted that 261 multiple launch missile systems, 136 air defense systems, 233 aircraft, 194 helicopters, 980 artillery systems, 187 cruise missiles, 15 ships/boats, 3,039 vehicles and fuel tanks, 91 vehicles and other Russian equipment were destroyed due to the work of Ukrainian forces.

Otherwise, Russia has continued today with bombings, causing casualties and material damage.