A few weeks ago, Kovacevski spoke about the construction of the railway to Bulgaria and did not say that due to the incompetence of his government, Macedonia will pay a 6.5 million euro fine for unrealized funds due to the non-use of the loan for the construction of the Belakovci - Kriva Palanke railway. accuse from OBRM-PDUKM.

"Either they didn't tell Kovacevski what damage was done, or he didn't understand.

They had approved the available funds, but they did not use them to do anything for their people and country, and this speaks volumes for the lack of capacity, personnel and responsibility of this government.

Maybe Kovacevski's government can compete for the most harmful government in the world, you borrow money, build nothing and above all pay interest and fines in the amount of 6.5 million euros!

and with that money it became possible to build a school, kindergarten, roads, sewers and other projects", say OBRM-PDUKM.

From there they add that for such damage to the budget, either Kovacevski or BoƧvarski should bear the responsibility as the minister responsible or someone else responsible for the realization of this project and the loan./Telegrafi/