Claims of the Thai Shrimp Association


15 Aug 2022 5:07 a.m.





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The problem of an epidemic in shrimp that has been around for 10 this day, still can't solve the problem.

Because the way the state is trying to help is not working.

Failure to answer the question resulted in a decrease in shrimp production.

The Department of Fisheries thus allowed the importation of shrimp from Ecuador and India.

causing panic among farmers

Because imported shrimp will directly affect the domestic shrimp price.

for the sustainable survival of the Thai shrimp industry in the long run

Thai Shrimp Association has submitted an open letter.

Submit a request to the Prime Minister to consider urgent action

1. Let shrimp products be a national agenda

It has a target of producing 400,000 tons of shrimp in the country for export in 2023.

Because shrimp used to be an export product that made a huge income into the country more than 100 billion baht per year in 2010, it produced 640,000 tons of shrimp, but after suffering from EMS and other diseases since the end of 2011 onwards Shrimp is less than 3 hundred thousand tons and over the past 10 years, Thailand has lost more than 500 billion baht of income opportunities, which currently cannot solve this problem.

therefore asked the Prime Minister to be the chairman

To have all important sectors such as the production sector - farmers.

Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

Ministry of Finance

Bank of Thailand, etc., to integrate and work together

It will help to solve problems on the spot, quickly, with maximum efficiency.

This will help strengthen the farmers brothers and sisters.

and create the ability to compete in the industry to be truly concrete

including the long-term sustainability of the country's shrimp industry

2. Solve the problem of disease for farmers to be able to raise shrimp as quickly as possible.

By allocating budgets, personnel, etc. to the relevant departments fully.

to study

Implementation of activities to solve disease problems successfully

3. Shrimp is an important commodity of the country that needs strong protection from the state.

Shrimp imports from abroad are the most sensitive.

Please take care and protect

Support to promote the image

Thai shrimp brand (Branding) to be accepted

including the current shrimp pathogen

and emerging diseases that may be latent in imported shrimp.