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15 Aug 2022 05:39





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Closing the 500 division formula...15 Aug. 65 Joint meeting of the two Houses (Parliament) must say that it is special, over the special because it interferes with the meeting of the Senate that allows it to give way.

Because it is an important meeting to consider the law of the child

On the last election that will expire due to the completion of 180 days

If today's meeting does not end, this law must immediately fall.

In fact, it was over since August 10, 65, because of the "supreme council collapse" and today's agenda was not set before.

But because the consideration of the process has not yet ended, Mr.

Chuan Leekpai, the Speaker of the National Assembly

, felt that this unfinished end would damage the House of Representatives.

So we discussed with 3 parties to arrange another meeting to finish.

Otherwise, the council will be damaged even if it knows that.

Even if meeting again, it will come in the same time.

Expected to end up in the same way

It's a "failed council" again...

"Phuea Thai" announced in advance that he would not join the altar.

due to disagreement with this law

You have to keep your eyes open.

Palang Pracharat, another political party that disagrees with the same

would probably use a different method, namely

causing the law to not pass the council

Chairman Chuan would anticipate that

What will it be like in the end?

But as a parliamentary meeting, it must perform its duties as best and complete as possible.

How will the outcome be? It's up to the members of Parliament who will be responsible for themselves.

Ultimately, the formula for dividing by 100 and 2 cards would be a rule that will be used in the next election.

That said, most political parties have no problem.

except for the smaller political parties that most

Members of the House of Representatives came in from the concept of rounding off from the counting of votes from the last election.

After all, the House of Commons was elected in a rounded way that led to a number of small political parties that could be considered "fluke", and most of them had only one vote per party, not even a hundred thousand.

But many parties have entered into a political group with considerable bargaining power.

Because this government has a voice of support for the water.

therefore relying on these small parties to support

Exchange for "bananas" from time to time.

The position of minister could not be given because it was few.

Each party is fighting to die.

The only way is to pay ami.

There is also a problem with "Cobra" that many parties have problems.

This is because the law allows them to join other political parties if they are expelled from them.

This is another issue that needs to be addressed because otherwise each party will have problems.

Both of these cases, although claiming to give rights and independence to

MPs, but if there are no rules to control them properly

It will create more political problems.

Setting up the rules must be looked at completely and all around!

"lightning rod"